September 18, 2020

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Week 5 STAP cell poll: still largely skeptical readership

Update: A commenter said they’d prefer a different format to the graphing of these poll results. Even though they weren’t exactly nice about it to put it mildly, I thought they had a good point so a hat tip to them and below is an attempt at a new graph style that makes seeing trends easier I hope.

Here is 5 weeks of tracking poll data on people’s feelings about STAP stem cells. It’s not scientific, but shows trends.

There was some leveling off of the severe skepticism of last week, but overall the  more than 500 respondents were still quite negative.

STAP5 new graph

The answer “100% NO” means convinced STAP is not real, while “100% Yes” was the opposite indicating complete belief. “Close NO” means closed to convinced STAP is not real. And so forth.

I’ll start a week 6 poll soon. Note that the “weekly” timing is a bit off on the polling as it has now been 6 weeks since the STAP papers came out.

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