1 thought on “Poll: What is the top stem story of 2014 so far?”

  1. gareth sullivan

    It is a shame that a negative story is the top story, which in has probably damaged the general public´s perception of stem cell science and science as a whole! This is a step back for the field, I would have hoped it would have been a positive story but I suppose that is life…the positive we can take out of it though is that the research community has dealt with it in a very positive manner by constructively testing this approach, noting there was issues with it in terms of the publications themselves and more fundamentally with the procedure! A number of groups have systematically tested it and shown that it was not reproducible! Therefore I think the stem cell community should pat themselves on the back and take the positives from this….it has taken time to empirically test this but it does take time!!! Now I think it is up to the the editors to do the same! Sometimes you need to take a bullet! Come clean!

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