Some cool recent stem cell papers: recommended reading

Knoepfler lab H1 human embryonic stem cell culture, ESC
Knoepfler lab H1 human embryonic stem cell culture.

What have been some recent stem cell and/or regenerative medicine papers that are worth some extra thought and reading?

There have been some cool ones. Note, for fun you can fast forward ahead to 2020 to see some of the recommended reads there.

There was of course the very important Mitalipov group paper comparing NT hESCs to IVF hESCs and hIPSCs. See my review here.

There was a great paper on the role of HDACs in mESCs.

A paper reporting making endothelial and hematopoietic cells from pluripotent stem cells with a combination of GATA2 and other individual transcription factors.

In vivo reprogramming in pigs reportedly leads to transient production of pacemaker cells in hearts.

Planarian worms have the remarkable ability to regrow entire worms when sliced into tiny pieces and they do so via pluripotent stem cells called neoblasts. A new paper demonstrates that not all neoblasts are created equal and different clones exhibit specific fate preferences.

What recent papers would you recommend on stem cells or regenerative medicine?

3 thoughts on “Some cool recent stem cell papers: recommended reading”

  1. Does this mean that Shahin Rafii’s team can now make hematopoietic stem cells on demand, obviating the need for bone marrow transplants as they could just infuse patient matched hematopoietic stem cells into the patients blood stream which would then take up residence in the patients bone marrow?

  2. Peter van Galen

    I found Shahin Rafii’s paper on reprogramming of endothelial cells into hematopoietic progenitors interesting too (Nature).

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