January 14, 2021

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Harvard STAP cell authors release new protocol, affirm belief in phenomenon

stap cells, retractionEven as everyone was going through the Science and Nature reviews of the rejected STAP papers this week, something else on the STAP front that happened last week.

What’s up?

Well, the STAP Nature papers are retracted, RIKEN CDB is going to be reorganized, RIKEN CDB has tried at least 22 times to make STAP cells and every time it didn’t work, and senior STAP author Charles Vacanti in theory is now on sabbatical as of September 1st. Even so Vacanti and fellow STAP researcher Koji Kojima, released yet another new STAP protocol on September 3.

The new protocol is intended to have a better chance to work for others.

Their first bullet point is admission of an earlier misstep in saying it was “easy” to make STAP cells. Apparently they concede it’s actually kind of hard to make STAP cells.

One could ask where is the line between hard and impossible?

Their second point is to suggest that people try making STAP cells not just with low pH, but also adding in ATP.

Then they dive into detailing an actual protocol in a step-by-step fashion. They call it the most effective STAP protocol “du jour”.

They close with a paragraph that I think contains a key typo (emphasis mine):

We have developed this most recent protocol to address concerns that to date, to our knowledge, other groups have been able to generate STAP cells using our previously published or posted protocols. While we are confident that the original protocols published, will work if performed with meticulous attention to detail, we have tried to develop a protocol based on new information, that should be much more effective in demonstrating a phenomenon in which we have absolute confidence.

I think they meant in the first sentence to say “other groups have been unable to generate STAP cells…”

In fact as far as I know, nobody has been able to make STAP cells in replication efforts including Obokata herself.

Vacanti and Kojima conclude by saying that they still firmly believe in STAP.

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