3 thoughts on “Stem Cell Predictions for 2015”

  1. Here is one additional prediction: the very first allogeneic adipose-derived MSC phase 3 trial by Belgian company TiGenix is successful in treating Crohn’s fistulas (as their phase 2 trial already proved statistically significant efficacy in this indication).

    European phase 3 trial recruitment is closed (n=278) and preliminary topline results are due in July 2015. If positive, they should allow the company to start a single phase 3 pivotal trial in the US following talks with the FDA leading to the filing of a SPA in December 2014 and the selection of a US-based CMO:



    Wouldn’t that be some major news in the stem cell field ?

  2. yes, I wondered about that too… 😉

    IPSC RPE safety. The IPSC-based RPE trial for wet AMD in Japan continues in 2015 without a reported safety hitch.

    Paul, I cannot tell you how much I hope you’re right about this one. But I’m reserving judgment until we know a LOT more about what’s happening with that trial.

  3. “14. A stem cell biotech finds itself in a hairy situation. What a tangle.”

    Um, what does this prediction actually mean? A stem cell biotech will try to go after the hair loss market?

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