January 20, 2021

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Stem Cell Headlines: Pancreas, Malaria, STAP, Howe, Cosmetics, MS, and Cloning Couple

Here are some recent stem cell headlines. It was a busy week. The linked phrases in blue were the actual headlines from the media.

ViaCyte Excites. A Pancreas in a Capsule

Stem cells for malaria? (see video) Stem cells offer promising key to new malaria drugs: US research

STAP Finally Snaps? Only moot penalties? RIKEN announces penalties related to stem cell fiasco

Gordie Howe’s miracle challenged. The stemcell ‘miracle’ is anecdotal

Breast augmentation for the rich and famous through unapproved stem cell biological drugs? ‘Dr. 90210’ Robert Rey — Now Making Bigger Boobs … Using Stem Cells

Stem cells help MS? Stem cells reduce MS brain damage

Mitalipov and Hwang team up. Stem cell pioneer joins forces with stem cell fraudster

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