Daisuke Takakura 高倉 大輔 Powerfully Captures Cloning

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the future of human reproduction might be very different from today’s reality due to recent technological advances including cloning.

Things like human cloning (the reproductive, “Star Wars” kind) and human genetic modification seem very real now.

It feels almost imminent in a sense compared to the milleenia of the “old fashioned” natural way of making babies.

Daisuke Takakura 高倉 大輔

I find this technology both fascinating as a scientist and also mind-blowing as a science writer. In fact, I’ve become so interested in it that I’m writing a book on it now. It will be my second book following up on Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide.

As I’ve been learning more about this topic it has started to resonate for me just how much it has already been the focus of art and literature.

A recent art exhibit really struck a chord with me by gifted artist Daisuke Takakura 高倉 大輔. Follow on Twitter @Schrodinger678 and Facebook.

In the images from Daisuke’s collection, including the two shown here, there is a powerful sense of what it might feel like to have a new reality of human clones.

Beautiful work!

Human cloning

You can see more of Daisuke’s work here.

Daisuke will also participate in fotofever at PARIS PHOTO in November.

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