Trump makes case for germline human genetic modification?

Human genetic modification and Trump

Flying out of Portland Airport yesterday, I saw these magazines side by side: Trump and genetic modification of humans.


That’s a humorous juxtaposition and the two covers are oddly similar in design.

It go me thinking…

Could using germline human genetic modification be a wise thing to do in some cases?

After all, humanity in many ways has serious flaws. Could we try to make Homo sapiens a better species via, for instance, CRISPR’ing embryos for “better” traits and removing possibly negative traits?

Of course attempts at making “better” people could yield worse results than already naturally occur.

So have I been wrong about supporting a moratorium against heritable human modification?

I don’t think so.

Still, this peculiar pairing of magazine covers including of Trump made me laugh and think. Update: See this newer post on Trump and eugenics.

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