TGIF weekend reads: stem cells, GMOs, #CRISPR, cats, cloning and more

Sounds recommended weekend reads for you to enjoy since it is Friday and almost the weekend including stem cells, CRISPR, cats, cloning, and more.

Holy GMO, China wants to buy Syngenta.

cat stem cellsRetractionWatch says that Macchiarini will soon be out at Karolinska. For more on this “super surgeon” who used stem cells, see here regarding recent Vanity Fair Expose.

David Jensen on CIRM and human genetic modification: no germline work funded now, but possible in the future.

This is pretty awesome. Canadian ‘dream team’ to probe stem-cell link to brain cancer

If you mix cats and stem cells, it’s got to be good, right? Cat stem cell therapy gives humans hope

And now onto mice. Suicide of aging cells prolongs life span in mice

Human gene editing. For the first time in history, a government has approved genetically editing human embryos

And for laughs…

Mix GQ magazine and a cloning conspiracy = good for a laugh. Forget the ‘Flat Earth’ Stuff, B.O.B Thinks Celebrities Are BeingCloned