5 thoughts on “Stem cell magic bus cartoon”

  1. Dr. Jose Ortez

    With all the failures of stem cells in the traditional reductionist developmental context (Stem Cells Inc, Capricor, Tengion, etc.) and hundreds of millions / billions of $$ of investors money down the toilet over the past 20 years, this is a natural progression of things

    And it’s no longer niche, especially with the 5th largest drug company in the world in the “pharmaceutical tourism” game – http://www.fiercepharma.com/pharma/merck-s-keytruda-enters-china-market-through-tourism-program

    It’s a whole new era

  2. Gregor Schwarz

    How about adding a sign to the town of ‘Reality Check’ and right next to this another pointing to the Right-to-Try bypass?

  3. Brian Sanderson

    Good cartoon, at many levels!

    It is also, of course, the promise of “finding the cure for whatever ails you” that keeps the Stem Cell Research Bus rolling along… just as it smooths the path for medical shysters.

    Exhibit 1: How many times has “the cure for X” appeared in some fund raising appeal…

    Such is the nature of our species, we may as well bemoan a compass for pointing North (or South if that is your preference).

  4. Phillip Marion

    My adult son (46 years old) has cerebral palsy and I have been hoping for something that might improve his quality of life. Do you think stem cells hold any promise for someone with this condition? Wouldn’t consider the use of stem cells though; if results could make things worse. He is living by himself and able to take care of his personal needs. Very proud of him and what he has been able to do.

  5. Caveat Emptor! There is no guarantee or warranty for the current clinical use of human stem cells for achieving successful patient care or treatment. Desparate or otherwise interested patients, who are considering receiving human stem cells – no matter there source: adipose/fat tissue; bone marrow; embryonic cord blood; white blood cells obtained by plasmapheresis or ‘buffy coat’ enrichment; or heterologous mesenchymal stem cells, should beware!

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