January 19, 2021

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Two more big milestones for The Niche blog

The Niche BlogI started The Niche blog in largely its current form early in 2010, and now 7+ years later we’ve hit two big milestones recently.

First, about a month ago, we reached 10,000 comments made on the blog. Thanks for being involved in the discussion on the Niche blog!

Second, we reached 7,000,000 total page views on the Niche. Considering early on, we were getting something like 7 readers a day, to get to seven million is quite something. It’s been an exciting, wild ride in many ways.

Earlier this year, I hit another milestone of the 2,000th post on the Niche. Maybe I “talk too much” on this blog? Anyhow, people seem to keep coming back. You can also see in the screenshot of stats above that our best day ever traffic-wise was nearly 45,000 page views. It can be hard to predict sometimes what will take off and what won’t. Some posts I think will really get people stirred up and into reading and discussion, have little impact, whereas others that seem routine suddenly take on a life of their own.

One of the most popular pages on this blog ever, our Spanish-language educational outreach page ¿Qué son las células madre? just passed another milestone: half a million page views.

I am gradually blogging less often and I expect that trend to continue in coming years. I’m just so busy. Maybe some folks who are not fans of this blog will say, “hallelujah!” at the idea of me blogging less and that’s fine. I’ll take it as a compliment.

From the beginning I thought of this blog as an experiment. It’s not going to be infinite. Another science blogger, the anonymous DrugMonkey, recently hung up his blogging after 10 years. I get it. Blogging can be very rewarding professionally and personally in terms of educational outreach, building bridges, and I’ve learned a lot, but it takes energy and there are risks to it.

So when I call it a day at some point in future years, how many total page views will the Niche blog have then? How many comments? Posts? I don’t know. For now, I’m still “into it” even if posting less often. Heck, obscurity as a scientist may have its perks too, right?

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