Vote now for finalists for Stem Cell Person of the Year Award 2017

stem cell person of the year

stem cell person of the yearWe have our 20 nominees for Stem Cell Person of the Year for 2017. Who will get the Award?

You have a big role to play in this process. In addition to having had the chance to nominate people, now you as The Niche community get to vote to pick the top 10 finalists. In the poll below you can vote for your favorite nominees up to once a day. Note that if you try to vote a lot more than once per day, all your votes could be nullified. No shenanigans.

Voting will close two weeks from today at midnight US Pacific Time on December 12th.

Time to vote!


  1. sorry.. this seems ludicrous.. i must be missing something (other than stem cells!).. no visible poll on the right side on my mac

  2. I think this is not fair because one voter can vote for the same person multiple times. This must be stopped and corrected otherwise the end result will not be acceptable.

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