January 19, 2021

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Poll: heritable CRISPR tried in humans in next 10 years?

Heritable CRISPR to be tried in humans sooner or later…or never?

heritable CRISPR baby

Will someone somewhere in the world try to use CRISPR gene editing or related technology to introduce heritable genetic changes into actual human beings in the next decade?

I’m not talking about gene editing viable human embryos just for research which is already ongoing, but rather CRISPR’ing human embryos to then use to try to make babies who grow up to be adult humans with a specific genetic change.

How likely is this? Take our poll above to voice your opinion and weigh in with comments too.

Keep in mind that for the above poll that there is no ethical or moral judgement here about whether it’d be a good idea or permissible, just prediction on whether it will be tried.

To further clarify, I’m talking about efforts at doing this whether authorized by regulatory officials or not. I’m also focusing on the question of some researchers trying to do this, whether they succeed or not and regardless of the gene editing target (e.g. disease prevention vs. trait modification).

A wildcard here is that people may try this (or maybe already be trying this, but hopefully not) and the public may never be informed about it, especially if it isn’t entirely successful.

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