Stem cell & other science weekend reads: arteries, diabetes, iffy metaphors, & more

What are your weekend reads? Many of us scientists read up on specific articles over the weekend that caught our eye during the last week or two.

weekend reads include this paper from Eric Olson's lab
Weekend reads include this paper from Eric Olson’s lab as summarized in their graphical abstract here.

Here are some of my weekend reads plus some other stuff that just generally looked really interesting or unusual. The list includes both primary papers and news articles as well as including biotech news.

Enjoy! TGIF. On some of them I at times include positive (or even sometimes snarky comments). Some of the pieces in the science weekend read list have some odd metaphors this week.

(You can see my past weekend read suggestions here.)

Childhood glioma study: Live-cell single-molecule dynamics of PcG proteins imposed by the DIPG H3.3K27M mutation.

Example of peer reviewer’s comments on a Cell Stem Cell article. Interesting insights here.

Growing transplantable arteries from stem cells.

Molecular Genetic and Immune Functional Responses Distinguish Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Cells from Hepatic Stellate Cells

What do you get when you mix Google with CRISPR? A push for addressing heart disease. Google backs a bid to use CRISPR to prevent heart disease.

More cardiac research including reprogramming and epigenomics here from Eric N. Olson’s lab (also see graphical abstract above)

: Cardiac Reprogramming Factors Synergistically Activate Genome-wide Cardiogenic Stage-Specific Enhancers.

Harvard-born diabetes startup Semma reports advances in turning stem cells into insulin producers. There’s a ton going on in this space including with ViaCyte.

‘Super-Hero’ Stem Cells Survive Radiation to Regrow Muscles. Interesting, but “super-hero” metaphor is not my favorite.

The Birth-Tissue Profiteers. Perinatal (birth-related) stem cell clinic industry is out of control. Here are some of my past posts on it.

Prince Charming’s kiss unlocking brain’s regenerative potential? Hmm, another peculiar metaphor.

Stem cells make more ‘cargo’ packets to carry cellular aging therapies. This metaphor works better for me at least.

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