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Sarthy et al eLife 2020 Fig 2
“Figure 2. Inhibition of H3K27 methylation by K27M histones is limited to cycling cells. Sarthy, et al, eLife 2020.

When you sit down to read science on the weekends lately, assuming you are not primarily a COVID-19 researcher, how much COVID stuff seeps into your reading?

As I was going over some of this year’s recommended weekly reads posts here on The Niche, I’ve realized that an increasing amount of COVID-19 research has joined the list.

Part of this is because of the explosion of cell therapy work and news on COVID, but also I’m just interested in the science of COVID.

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Senior FDA officials on interference

In a USA Today opinion piece, top long-term FDA leaders make a pledge of a sort to focus on science and allude to possible interference: Senior FDA career executives: We’re following the science to protect public health in pandemic. The authors of the piece include Dr. Peter Marks, the Director of CBER who has done a great job on the stem cell clinic problem.

COVID updates, including Russian Vaccine

Recommended pubs

Stem cell & other science jobs

Blast from the past: stem cells for hair loss

From 2013: L’Oreal now claims baldness cure with stem cells. This was not too long after the FDA had warned the company. I was curious so I searched for the product in question, Kérastase Densifique, now in 2020 and it’s still being sold related to hair loss.

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