Weekly reads: lab meat, crow brain biology, direct reprogramming, more

Does time seem somewhat warped to anyone else in 2020 even without having  had COVID, which could alter brain function? It just seems like with everything going on that time simultaneously both drags and zooms by this year. One sort of reassuring element is that papers keep on being published so we can enjoy cool new science.

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Here are some pubs and media pieces that caught my eye in the past week.

Lab-grown meat

UC Davis Establishes Research, Training in Cultivated Meat. It’s great to see my colleagues pushing forward in this area. You might enjoy some past posts on lab-grown meat here.

Another RMAT

Medeor Therapeutics’ Transplant Immune Tolerance Therapy Receives Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy Designation from FDA. You can see my full list of RMATs in the public domain here.

Crow brain, brains
Stacho et al Science 2020 Fig 1. 3D fiber architecture of the avian and mammalian primary visual regions. How does laying in a bird brain compare to mammals?


Knoepfler Lab empty 2006. New PIs
My empty lab when I arrived.

Blast from the past

My advice for new PI’s a decade ago when I was still relatively new (4 years into) being a professor: Advice for new PIs part I: start before you start. Above you can see a picture of my lab 14+ years ago when it wasn’t “worn in” as it now.

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