Regenerative reads: pig fat, cancer, organoids, more

It’s usually a tossup as to whether my weekly reads skew more towards stem cells/regenerative medicine or cancer. Other times they are more enriched for genomics and epigenetics articles.

Chen et al STM 2020 7a fat stem cells bone
Pig fat for bone regenerative medicine (A) Representative Masson’s trichrome staining in sagittal subchondral cross sections of acellular, BO, CB, and native samples. Scale bars, 200-μm high magnification and 2-mm low magnification. Screenshot.

Blast from the past

Here were my stem cell predictions for 2011 made way back in 2010. Talk about stem cell history. It’s interesting how ES cell-focused this was. Here was one prediction that was so wrong and somehow still is 10 years later: A surprisingly large number of Republican leaders publicly support embryonic stem cell research. 

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