Recommended reads: jobs, FDA letter, & The Niche new look

During the week as I’m doing other stuff I keep my eyes open for interesting things to read, including over the weekend about stem cell research, COVID, CRISPR, and more for The Niche weekly recommended reads.

This week a lot was going as we updated The Niche site to our new theme and format. I hope you like it. Check it out by clicking on various pages. Please leave feedback in the comments. This goes along with our larger overall plan to make the site more user friendly and include a huge number of authoritative general resources about stem cells and regenerative medicine. I’m also going to do a more formal call soon for readers to provide feedback.

I’m putting together The Niche’s 2021 stem cell and regenerative medicine meeting hub so send me your meetings for 2021 and I’ll include them.

I happened to notice more stem cell and biology-related job openings than usual on Twitter along with a recommended seminar. I’ve included those first in today’s post. Scroll down for recommended pubs and more.

Stem cell and other jobs

Upcoming online seminar

This seminar is on deciphering therapeutic vulnerabilities in brain cancer by Frank Furnari and UCSD.

FDA untitled letter to The Body Building

This is a notable FDA untitled letter to a firm called The Body Building that somehow also is associated with the name, “Fresno Stem Cell Injections.”

The Body Building, FDA letter, The Niche
The Body Building got an FDA letter related to stem cell injections. Screenshot of website status in January 2021.

They appear, based on the marketing cited by the FDA, to be selling umbilical cord “stem cells” and some kind of exosome product. At least as noted in the letter, some of the claims seem way over the top to me including this passage (bold emphasis mine):

“These stem cells when injected, are basically a blank slate into the body that has the ability to regenerate any tissue, bone, cartilage, etc in the body. They are highly anti inflammatory and immediately dissipate ANY PAIN in the body in any area desired. They help modulate the functioning of your immune system which helps reverse the effects of auto immune disease.”

I’d like to see the FTC step in here too as these claims seem to me like gross exaggerations of what these kinds of products are likely able to do. The website cited by the FDA (Stem Cell Injections Fresno .com) is now in “Coming soon” mode. The Niche in its new form is more squarely including fact-checking in its mission and these claims just don’t seem factual to me as a stem cell biologist.

News including Organicell IND, FDA Commish situation, Stem Cell Award

The Niche recommended papers

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