Recommended reads: pluripotent stem cells, neural crest, cancer, more

There has been quite a lot of pubs on research on pluripotent stem cells published lately. These include some more surprising findings such as a potential role for pluripotency-related programming in neural crest development.

pluripotent stem cells neural crest cells
Pluripotency factors involved in early neural crest cell lineage development. “RNA FISH analysis of Oct4 and Nanog expression within transverse cross sections of the most anterior (Pax6) and the most posterior (Gbx2) cranial domains at the indicated stages of Wnt1::Cre;Rosa26TdT/+ embryos.” Fig2b screenshot, Zalc et al, Science 2021.

Here the week’s recommended reads.

Neural Crest research: ties to factors involved in pluripotent stem cells

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Cancer stem cells

Nature Reviews in Cancer, Linking EMT programmes to normal and neoplastic epithelial stem cells.

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