Weekly reads: court case, cancer stem cells, skin, pluripotency, & more

This was a busy week for me working on a grant due Friday and a bunch of other stuff including happily analyzing a bunch of data, but there were tons of interesting papers recently including on pluripotency.

chen et al fig 1e nat comm 2021 phc1
PHC1 as a pluripotency factor. “Co-immunostaining of Phc1 with Nanog and Sox2, or Gata6 and Sox2 in mouse E4.5 embryos. Scale bars, 31 μm.” The co-localization is striking. Chen et al ., Fig 1e Nat Comm 2021. 

California stem cell clinic court case on in the background

Along the way this week I was occasionally trying to listen in on the federal district court trial here in California. It is US vs. California Stem Cell Treatment Center, Cell Surgical Network, et al. I myself briefly testified in this trial last week.

I’m hoping to write up the experience of testifying and watching the trial in the next week or so if I have time.

This is a crucial case.

It in part tests the FDA’s authority to regulate stem cells as drugs, mainly related to their use by stem cell clinics. A Florida stem cell clinic case that in my view shares some similarities with the California one (e.g. with ‘fat stem cell’-related products at the heart of it) was decided in 2019 in the FDA’s favor. It is pending appeal.

On to the recommended stem cell paper reading.

Skin stem cells

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