Weekly stem cell reads: COVID, tail regeneration, aging

The stem cell field lost a great scientist and friend this week with the passing of Meri Firpo from metastatic breast cancer. I’m going to post a tribute to Meri from several of us sometime this coming week. I’m in a bit of a somber mood but still trying to write, read, and do all the other usual academic stuff.  Here are this week’s recommended reads.

Tail regeneration, stem cell
“Fig. 1: Dorsoventral patterning of skeletal and CNS tissues established during embryogenesis is not recapitulated during lizard tail regeneration. Cross sections of A embryonic (14 days post-oviposition; DPO), B adult (28 days post hatching; DPH), and C regenerated lizard tails (28 days post-amputation; DPA) were analyzed by Col2, Sox2, and Tuj1 IF to highlight the spatial arrangements of skeletal (cartilage), NSC, and nerve tissue, respectively, during tail development and regrowth.” Lozito, et al. Nat. Comm. 2021.


Ethical issues and public communication in the development of cell-based treatments for COVID-19: Lessons from the pandemicStem Cell Reports. The authors Leigh Turner, Megan Munsie, Aaron D. Levine and Laertis Ikonomou provide a helpful overview of the cell therapy for COVID-19 arena and provide some perspectives on ways things could be improved. They cite work from my student Mina Kim and I where we evaluated the anticipated rigor of COVID-19 cellular therapy trials in the journal Regenerative Medicine.

Repeated vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 elicits robust polyfunctional T cell response in allogeneic stem cell transplantation recipients, Cancer Cell.

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