Weekly stem cell reads: pending FDA verdict, blood vessels, RA

Any day now we should get the verdict from the judge in the big stem cell clinic case here in California against Cell Surgical Network, et al. It seems that the FDA is waiting on this verdict before taking some major actions. If the judge rules against the agency it could throw the area into some at least temporary chaos.

With some papers in the works in my own lab I haven’t had as much time to read the literature. Here are some recommended reads that did catch my eye.

Cellular populations in the vascular wall, stem cell niche
“CD10 and CD107a mark distinct subpopulations within the tunica adventitia. A-E, Immunofluorescent staining for CD107a, CD10, and CD34 in an artery within human subcutaneous white adipose tissue. A, Whole vessel in cross-section showing CD34 expression in the endothelial and adventitial layers. CD10 and CD107a expression are seen on different subsets in the inner and outer adventitia. B-E, High magnification of the tunica adventitia.” Xu, et al. Stem Cells, 2021. Fig. 2. Screenshot.

Stem cell and regenerative medicine news

ASH releases guidelines on stem cell transplantation for patients with sickle cell disease, Healio.

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