Weekly reads: MSC, p53, EuroGCT, fake fish, K27M CAR-T

What exactly is a mesenchymal cell and what does the acronym MSC stand for these days? I took a stab recently at discussing mesenchymal cells and the MSC acronym so check that out.

There is a great need for standards on MSCs and the products out there being marketed as MSCs are probably in reality dozens if not hundreds of different kinds of these cellular preparations. We’ll start the weekly reads with MSCs.

mesenchymal cells, MSCs, mesenchymal stem cells
Human MSCs or mesenchymal cells grown in the Knoepfler lab.

What is an MSC and how do we boost patient safety?

Improved MSC Minimal Criteria to Maximize Patient Safety: A Call to Embrace Tissue Factor and Hemocompatibility Assessment of MSC Products, Stem Cells Translational Medicine. This comes from a team including the leader of our Stem Cell Program here at UC Davis, Professor Jan Nolta.

Check out my info page on MSCs/mesenchymal cells.

New authoritative cell and gene therapy site EuroGCT

Check out the new web resource on all things related to cellular and gene therapies.

I’m talking about the recently launched EuroGCT site. This resource is brought to you by the folks behind EuroStemCell.

And finally…

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