Weekly reads: CAR-T cell good news, Califf fight, stem cells on lymph

Not everything in biomedical science is a ground-breaking discovery or clinical game-changer, but CAR-T cell technology is a combination of both.

CAR-T cell good news

We have such good news in this new pub on long-term benefits: Decade-long leukaemia remissions with persistence of CD4+ CAR T cells, Nature.

CAR-T Cell Infographic. Suhas Sakamuri.

Another recent CAR-T cell article, this one in Science, made some news by reporting targeting cardiac fibrosis with CAR-T cells.

And encouraging news locally here with UC Davis becomes first in region to grow cancer-fighting CAR T cells, UC Davis Health.

FDA still without a Commish as Califf confirmation heats up

The FDA is still without a permanent commissioner. President Biden’s nominee is Robert Califf, who previously served as FDA Commissioner during the Obama Administration. The NYT reports on the challenging road ahead for confirmation: F.D.A. Nominee Faces Steep Climb to Senate Confirmation. It’s surprising that this far into an administration that there’s no new commissioner. Could this be contributing to the lack of action by the FDA on stem cell clinics recently even after the grace period for enforcement on such firms ended last May? It’s hard to say but the quietness could have more to do with the still (after 5+ months being on the judge’s desk) unresolved California federal district court case on a chain of stem cell clinics.

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  1. The FDA needs leadership that is independent of the very industries it is supposed to be regulating. Califf is not that sort of leader. We need a public servant along the lines of at least a USPHS Commissioned Officer. There needs to be a far greater adversarial relationship between Big Pharma and the FDA. The Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) and the Medical Device User Fee Act (MDUFA) are not the prescriptions for that sort of relationship. Big pharma is more of a client of the FDA lately. Califf, like all the other FDA Commissioners from the 90’s on, has simply worked within that corrupt FDA Big Pharma Relationship. We need a better public servant who will take on that corrupt relationship and deep six it and not advocate for it. Bernie Sanders has been absolutely correct in opposing Califf (twice) upon being selected/confirmed to lead the FDA.

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