Weekly reads: fibroblasts, cancer stem cells, Parkinson’s

It seems like the field of cell biology has mixed feelings about fibroblasts so I’m going to start off there with the recommended reads.

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Okay, on to fibroblasts.

Fibroblasts are multifaceted cells. On the one hand they are structural cells that make up vast arrays of connective tissue throughout almost every tissue in the body. This role may make people think of them like simple legos or something.

fibroblasts stained
Differentially-staining fibroblasts. “(D) Representative cells stained as for EEA1 or Beta-COP and classified according to their lipotypes.” Capolupo, et al Science 2022. Figure 2D.

However, we know that fibroblasts have many other non-structural roles, some powerful including via the molecules they secrete.

They also are not just generic cells but have a surprising amount of heterogeneity. Even just in the skin, one fibroblast is not necessarily like the others.

Recommended reads

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