Weekly reads: neural stem cells, CRISPR brain, Vertex, cytoplasm surprise

Some people consider the brain to be equivalent to a living computer and in that sense it’s too bad that computers don’t have the equal of neural stem cells to help them fix themselves.

stem cells differentiating into neurons and glia
Neural stem cells differentiating into neurons and glia. Knoepfler Lab.

Is the internet one big neural network-like web?

There was a quake in the stem cell internet as CIRM’s main website was down for a long time.

For those of us working on grant proposals, there was an alternative CIRM website that was up and working. It seems the regular CIRM email was also not working but the agency had a workaround with changing the addresses to end in cirm.us.

Fortunately, now the CIRM website and emails are back up!

On to the weekly reads. It’s rare for a week to go by without too many interesting papers popping up to read entirely in one week. This week had a lot of good stuff.

Neural stem cells

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