Regenerative medicine reads: retraction, FDA warning, CAR-T, ARM CEO

I’ve tried to find some time to do some stem cell and other regenerative medicine reading too, but it’s been a busy week of teaching for me as a professor in our new academic year for the UC Davis School of Medicine.

Timothy D. Hunt, new CEO of ARM, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
Timothy D. Hunt, the new CEO of ARM. Picture from ARM.

I help to teach the Histology part of the first-year curriculum. It’s an intense course that covers just about every tissue in the body and all the different cell types and tissues inside.

Every year I’m struck by the great questions that the students ask related to my lectures or to one of the many labs we have.

I’m also looking forward to giving them my annual lectures on stem cells and regenerative medicine. Maybe I’ll point them to The Niche Stem Cell YouTube channel if they are particularly interested in stem cells. Please check it out  too and subscribe if you find it useful.

Below I’ve put one of our more popular videos on analysis of Woolly Mammoth De-extinction efforts.

Recommended regenerative medicine reads

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