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It’s funny how sometimes there are many new articles about one general topic like this week with heritable (and somatic) human CRISPR gene editing and related tech.  There are clear reasons for optimism in the somatic arena given advancing trials. Germline editing remains highly questionable in my view even just technically. Then there are loads of ethical issues.

On a brief fun different note, the theme of the NYT crossword puzzle this past Thursday was stem cells See below).

David Liu, human CRISPR
David Liu giving a talk on base editing. TED video screen capture.

Mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT), also sometimes known as “three-parent baby” technology has evolved from an idea to something that is cautiously being explored in the real world. Not surprisingly, possible risks have manifested in actual experimental clinical efforts. These include the disease-associated mtDNA bouncing back in children conceived via the procedure, which seeks to use a donor’s mtDNA via nuclear transfer.

Human CRISPR and MRT

stem cell crossword

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