Weekly reads: UC Davis Medical School diversity, CRISPR, Parkinson’s

It’s been almost seventeen years that I’ve been a professor here at UC Davis Medical School. It feels like home. I enjoy teaching our first-year medical students each year. Some end up doing research in my lab. Our school recently got a nice write-up over at STAT News by Usha Lee McFarling on the diversity here.  From the piece:

“one school in California — the state with the country’s longest-standing ban on using race in admissions — has defied the odds. The University of California, Davis runs the country’s most diverse medical school after Howard, a historically Black university, and Florida International, a Hispanic-serving research university.”

At UC Davis Medical School we are more generally dedicated to diversity on many levels. You can see some of the cool DEI programs going on here.

UC Davis Medical School
Some of our amazing students here at UC Davis Medical School. Facebook pic.


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  1. Regarding the PASTE technology, it is certainly an interesting addition to the genome engineering toolbox for certain applications. However, the claim that the technique does not involve DNA double strand breaks is incorrect as the serine site-specific recombinases cut and paste DNA segments via a transient double strand break and the covalent linkage of the recombinase to the four ss DNA ends, akin to a type 2 topoisomerase….

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