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So many things have gotten very expensive these days that it got me thinking this past week again about stem cell cost. For this reason, I’ve been running polls asking people what they’ve paid for stem cells and how many therapies they’ve gotten. Before jumping into our weekly reads, check out those running polls on stem cell treatment cost. If you’ve had a therapy, please participate in the polls.

stem cell cost
How has stem cell cost changed?

I also did a video discussing stem cell therapy cost and that’s up on YouTube so I’ve included it below.

Note that I’m using the term “therapy” loosely for this polling and it likely includes respondents who got things that aren’t proven therapies.

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Cells for MS

Stem cell therapy may be better than some DMTs for highly active RRMS, MS News Today.

Here’s the original research article in JAMA Neurology: Comparative Effectiveness of Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant vs Fingolimod, Natalizumab, and Ocrelizumab in Highly Active Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

Also, see my overview of HSCT for MS.

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