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It feels like we are marching towards a future in which key aspects of human reproduction, including the use of artificial wombs, could be substantially different than for most of history.

The FDA is considering allowing a clinical trial for use of artificial wombs in people.

artificial wombs
Artificial wombs have kept animal fetuses alive in research studies. The FDA is considering a clinical trial in humans.

Human trials of artificial wombs could start soon. Here’s what you need to know, Nature News. 

There are important potential medical applications of such engineered wombs such as for babies born prematurely. Many more premies might survive if they could be placed in safe and effective artificial wombs.

In the more distant future, far more advanced artificial womb tech would also potentially open up a path for people who want to become parents but now face infertility. That hypothetical future would have risks including questionable practices involving human embryos grown in lab-generated wombs. Then start thinking about CRISPR gene editing being added into the mix.

Some of this can start to feel a little like Brave New World kind of territory.

Hank Greely’s The End of Sex comes to mind for those looking to read up on this area. I also recommend my book GMO Sapiens.

For now, the womb technology would help pre-existing late-term human fetuses that have already largely developed the old-fashioned way.

Neuralink implant, N1 implant
The Neuralink N1 implant. Company image.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly reads: artificial wombs, mice with rat brains, Neuralink”

  1. I think before the end of the 21st century designer babies, AKA genetically engineered children, will be a full blow reality and will be be accepted in society.

    I think the artificial womb will be a full blown reality by 2050. Designer babies and the artificial womb will revolutionize human reproduction. With genetic engineering we could create Human 2.0

    And I do think blond hair and blue eyes will be very popular. But it will always be about choice and personal autonomy. No one is going to force you to have a designer baby but if you wanted to have one then you should be allowed to.

    You know the chinese scientist who went to prison for genetically engineering babies using CRISPR? He’s out of prison now and he says genetically engineering human babies will be common in just a few decades from now. He went to prison for it but he thinks it’ll be common to genetically engineer a baby in just a few decades and I agree with him. It’s coming.

      1. I’m very enthusiastic about it, My dream is to have beautiful children, I want designer babies. And I want the artificial womb. I’m 35 so I hope I live long enough to see it. I think there’s a good chance I will see it.

        I think in the end it will become accepted in society. Genetic engineering is the future of the human race. In fact I’ve heard a scientist say that once we start colonizing outer space it will become necessary to start genetically engineering ourselves so we can better survive in space.

        Due to genetic engineering new species of humans might evolve.

        Especially once we humans start spreading out across the galaxy (and eventually to other galaxies), due to genetic engineering humans will probably evolve into different species, I think this is called speciation am I correct on that?

        I mean when you’re looking out 500 years from now into the future, genetic engineering is just an inevitability. It’s going to happen. Call it Human 2.0

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