December 1, 2020

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Today I was part of a panel discussion on social media for the stem cell cause at the World Stem Cell Summit. My fellow World Stem Cell Summit panel speakers John Hlinko, Amy Adams, and Don Reed all did a great job. Something that one of speakers said in the session that ended right before ours stuck with me as I was giving my talk. This person said that as part of the multi-dimensional team advocating for stem cell research that: Scientists should just …Read More

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Today was the first day of the World Stem Cell Summit here in Pasadena. There is an excitement and energy here that is inspiring and unique, not something one typically finds at a traditional all-science, tunnel vision kind of conference. Here, thinking outside the box in terms of finding ways to advance stem cell research into the clinic is a key theme. We started off with many of the top leaders in the field from S. California. In addition, Jon Thomas (JT), the new …Read More

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I’m here in lovely Pasadena California for the World Stem Cell Summit which starts early tomorrow morning. I’ll be blogging the conference giving you my impressions. I arrived here just in time to take a long walk down to Caltech, where my dad was an undergraduate. I’d never been there before and I have to say it has a very cool vibe to it. It’s neat that Caltech has a lot of stem cell research going on as well. Unlike most stem cell meetings …Read More

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This year’s World Stem Cell Summit is looking to be an amazing meeting and I highly recommend that you attend. By going you can learn a great deal about stem cells whether you are a stem cell scientists or not. But in addition, the Summit offers the opportunity to learn a lot more including about stem cell policy and politics. You can meet some of the most amazing people and maybe even become friends with them, such as patient advocates. In addition, the speakers …Read More