13 thoughts on “Take funny poll on what new UC logo most symbolizes to you”

  1. It looks to me like a book opening and the info falling out through the spine into oblivion…which isn’t where we want all our research and knowledge to go right? That, or looking down on a toilet flushing 🙂

  2. The logo being done in house makes perfect sense. No reputable design firm would have turned out such garbage. Refuse. Putrescence. I do not find any issues seeing the vintage, classy logo on my computer or my phone. Perhaps the regents of the UC system need better glasses or better computers. Just saying.
    I’ve read that it resembles a toilet, I guess that’s because they just flushed away a lot of energy/time/money.

  3. As a UCLA grad and former president of the Northern California UCLA alumni association, I have something very slight at stake here. But basically this thing looks unfinished. It is not clear what message graphically it is attempting to deliver. I wonder if it was tested on a group of ordinary folks. The whole rebranding attempt recalls the New Coke disaster of some years ago.

  4. Voted toilet flushing; much like the arrow in the Fedex logo, once you see it, you can’t un-see it. If we were in the southern hemisphere, the C would have to swirl the opposite direction.*

    *Disclaimer: toilet flush direction is hemisphere-dependent only on the Simpsons, not in reality.

  5. I take huge offense that anyone would associate such a beautiful thing as a C elegans with this ugly new logo!

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