November 25, 2020

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Contest: find mainstream media stem cell ads

Stem Cells R Us, stem cell ads
Contest to find stem cell ads and hype.

Be my eyes and ears as I look for stem cell ads, especially with hype, that show up in the mainstream media. You might win some cool stem cell swag.

When you see such an ad, document it somehow!


By taking a photo or copying the link if it is on the web or taking a screen shot. Then provide that documentation to me.

2020 update: I’m actually now running an awards program called The Screamers that will “reward” over the top stem cell-related headlines, stem cell ads that are problematic, and more.

To be clear I’m not interested in the websites themselves of stem cell companies or ads on already stem cell-oriented websites (e.g. ads on California Stem Cell Report wouldn’t count).

I am not interested in stem cell political ads.

I’m also not interested in pet/veterinary ads, unless there is something particularly unusual about them.

I’m most interested in real ads that appear in media targeted to a general audience of human customers.

TV ads, billboard ads, radio, flyers, newspaper ads, magazine, & Internet ads are of interest (in that order of descending interest).

I’m relatively less interested in stem cell banking ads and more interested in stem cell treatment ads, but both are worth looking into to some degree.

My goal with this is to find out how much stem cell advertising is out there, the nature of the efficacy and safety claims that it makes, and its target audience.

An example of what I want is one person’s recent observation of an ad for Stemage stem cell cream on YouTube that they informed me about that led to some interesting information and a series of posts in the works (see Part 1 here).

What “prizes” might you have a chance to win?

A signed copy of my upcoming book, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide, when it comes out this summer.

Stem cell t-shirts.

Possibly gift cards for stuff like Starbucks or iTunes.

The more impact and broader target audience of the ad you find and the better you document it, the better the chance you’ll get a prize.

Rules. All decisions are made by me and are final. People with direct or familial financial interests in the company advertising are not eligible. Ads must be real. Ads must be current meaning actively targeting an audience now (May 1, 2013 or later). For example, older ads (e.g. see this one here that barely is a bit too old is interesting, but is just not quite new enough) for stem cell stuff up on YouTube as videos are not eligible.

To be clear, if in my judgment I don’t get any cool ads from readers, it is possible that no one will get any prize at all, but that is clearly not the outcome I am hoping for here.

By entering the contest by sending me an entry, you accept these rules.

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