October 29, 2020

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STAP stem cell poll: interesting results & regional differences

I’ve been doing a poll on the extent to which people believe or do not believe in the stress-induced STAP stem cells reported in Nature last week.

stap stem cell poll

In just a few days of poll, we’ve got almost 400 respondents, which is great. It’s still not a scientific poll, but the results (above) are interesting for a number of reasons.

First of all, people who the poll are in general relatively guarded about STAP stem cells. Few people are 100% convinced or close to convinced either way thumbs up or thumbs down on STAP stem cells.

The top two answers start with “Not sure…”

Overall, I would say the poll still reflects a somewhat positive sentiment though.

What if we break this down by region?

In Japan, interestingly, there is notably strong belief in STAP stem cells.

75% of respondents from Japan are strong believers in STAP: they either “100% convinced” (30.6%) or “close to convinced” (44.44%) in the STAP cells. Those were the top 2 answers.

Sentiment in the US and UK was only slightly leaning toward the positive.

In Canada and Australia, voters were pretty much evenly split as to believers and non-believers. The few voters from Israel so far are leaning towards not believing in STAP stem cells. Respondents came from many other countries as well.

I am going to repeat the poll in a few months time. I wonder what the poll results will be then when we have learned more.

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