Week 4 poll: few hopeful about STAP cells anymore

I’ve been doing a weekly-ish poll on people’s sentiments about STAP cells. It’s not scientific but many people have told me they find it interesting.

STAP polling

Week 4’s poll is done with more than 500 votes and it is even more discouraging than week 3. See the purple line in the graph as that is the latest polling.

The question is “Do you believe in STAP stem cells?” and the answers range from 100% NO to 100% YES with a few in between answers. “CLOSE” means that you are close to convinced they are or are not real. Then we have leaners and on-the-fence.

Few people have much belief left in STAP stem cells at this point.

However, I am sure that if there is even one convincing replication result reported by a solid lab that this graph will flip again back to the positive as it was in Week 1. But that’s a big if.

Shortly I will start the week 5 poll or switch to a monthly format….this could be a long slog.

3 thoughts on “Week 4 poll: few hopeful about STAP cells anymore”

  1. Now that RIKEN has released the protocol for generating STAP cells, I am looking forward to the new results (whatever they may be).

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