November 22, 2020

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TGIF: Recommended Science & Medicine Weekend Reads

Happy The Elephant, science even if not medicine

With these recommendations I’m aiming for a diverse range of content and perspectives, some of which I may not agree with, but all of which are interesting even if they are beyond research on medicine.

Prostate Organoid from Stem Cells. More organoid news.

Why Do Glowing Sharks Glow? Not exactly medicine, but a cool piece from Ed Yong.

Damn. Inquiry into duplications reveals “multiple” image problems in tumor study in Cell Stem Cell.

Comment on Proposed Framework for NIH-Wide Strategic Plan from NIGMS’ Dr. Jon Lorsch

BioPolitical Times (CG&S). The Facts Behind #CRISPRfacts and the Hype Behind CRISPR

Stanford now offering an on-line stem cell course. Check it out.

Regulation of unproven stem cell therapies – medicinal product or medical procedure? from MacGregor, Petersen, and Munsie.

NYT journalist: I am not a neutral observer–can I still be a fair reporter? The Loneliest Elephant, by Tracy Tullis on Happy the Elephant (image above).

Applicant fantasizes about visiting the study section meeting during discussion of his grant application. DrugMonkey Blog Humor.

Judge dismisses cardiac stem cell researchers’ lawsuit against Harvard Anvsera suit.

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