Lorenz Studer named 2015 MacArthur Fellow for stem cell work

Congratulations to Lorenz Studer as a MacArthur Fellow.

The annual selection of MacArthur Fellows highlights creative leaders in a variety of fields. The fellows receive $625,000 with no strings attached.

Stem cell biologists have been selected on a regular basis over the years as MacArthur Fellows including Kevin Eggan (2006), Sally Temple (2008), and Yukiko Yamashita (2011).

This year’s group of two-dozen 2015 MacArthur Fellows includes stem cell biologist Lorenz Studer (see video above). You can learn much more about Dr. Studer’s work on his lab’s home page here.

Lorenz Studer
Screenshot from MacArthur video

The announcement highlights Studer’s work on creating dopaminergic neurons (the type lost in Parkinson’s Disease) from stem cells including in particular from IPS cells, and broader implications of his work to neuro conditions:

“Lorenz Studer is a stem cell biologist pioneering a new method for large-scale generation of dopaminergic neurons that could provide one of the first treatments for Parkinson’s disease and prove the broader feasibility of stem cell–based therapies for other neurological disorders.”

Big congrats to Dr. Studer!

This is good news for the overall stem cell field as well.

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