A new name for this stem cell blog: The Niche

The NicheAfter 5 plus years as “Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog”, we are now going by a new, broader name for the blog, The Niche.

The Niche name better represents the sense that this site is a home and community including contributions by other writers and also commenters. I’m still working on a logo for The Niche.

As The Niche continues to evolve look for it to include a wider range of contributors. As you may have noticed we have an increasing number of posts on genetics and genetic modification as well in addition to stem cells and regenerative medicine.

The Niche is also the name of an unrelated blog run by Nature Publishing Group from 2007 to 2009. For that archived content, click here. In fact, the original The Niche (aka Nature Reports Stem Cells) was my favorite blog until it shut down exactly 6 years ago today. I thought it fitting that I announce the new name for this blog on this anniversary…even though that was a sad day back then.

The gap that emerged with that amazing original Niche blog stopping was part of the impetus for the creation of this blog so it is fitting that we now are going by the name The Niche. I’ve talked to the two driving forces behind the original The Niche, Monya Baker (who is still working at Nature) and Natalie DeWitt, and both are enthusiastic about this blog becoming the new The Niche.

2 thoughts on “A new name for this stem cell blog: The Niche”

  1. It’s a great name – we use it too 🙂 The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine’s external newsletter is called “The CCRM Niche,” but I’m confident there will be no confusion between the two. And we were also aware of the Nature Publishing Group’s excellent blog. Keep up the great work Paul.

  2. Like it – you’ve developed from iPS cell to having a niche, very apt.
    But wait – is it “nitch” or “neesh”? And do we need a bioethicist to help us? 😉

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