Stem cell movers and shakers early 2018

Today’s piece is a stem cell movers and shakers post about individuals who have gotten awards, made moves, or otherwise made news recently.stem cell movers and shakers

In some cases I’ve included relevant embedded tweets announcing the news. In case you’re wondering, the image at right is my attempt last year to make a graphic design that reflect both movers and shakers (the salt shaker).

You can see my movers and shakers piece from mid-2017 here.

I once met a scientist much earlier in my career who when someone asked him why he was in science, he answered, “To win a Nobel Prize!” He was 100% serious. Most of us scientists are instead driven by other factors rather than going for some award, but still it is cool to see stem cell and regenerative medicine scientists being recognized for their efforts.

If you know of other ‘people news’ in our field now, please fill us in with a comment.

Here’s the list of some recent movers and shakers in stem cells and regenerative medicine.


  • Janet Rossant is the L’Oreal 2018 Science Laureate for North America.



  • Megan Munsie receives the 2018 ISSCR Public Service Award. It’s cool to see a great stem cell scientist doing both cool research and outreach on policy get recognized.

  • Donald Kohn, winner of Pediatric Blood and Marrow Consortium Lifetime Achievement Award

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