Good news science digest: HIV, brain, CRISPR, cats vs. dogs, space, & more

Every now and then I collect a bunch of recent science good news that I’ve come across. Here are some past ‘good news’ posts.

Today’s post includes such a recent collection and some funny stuff too at the end.

Enjoy! BTW, science is not necessarily all about stem cells, right?

brain lymphatics
From The Scientist, “Mouse meningeal lymphatic vessels are pictured in green and blue, alongside blood vessels in red. JI HOON AHN”

Of course at least one thing on stem cells, right?

Cats and dogs: on the funny/odder side of things:

2 thoughts on “Good news science digest: HIV, brain, CRISPR, cats vs. dogs, space, & more”

  1. What do you think about the recent launch of iPSC-derived neural organoid experiments to the International Space Station? They are described on the website.
    Two such experiments were sent up last Thursday: one from UCSD on neural development, and the other, a joint effort of Aspen Neuroscience, the New York Stem Cell Foundation, Summit for Stem Cell Foundation, and National Stem Cell Foundation, was to use patient-specific iPSCs to generate dopamine neuron organoids (for Parkinson’s disease) and cortical neuron organoids (for multiple sclerosis). We added matched iPSC-derived microglia to the organoids to observe their behavior- a model of neuroinflammation in the brain. Obviously, I’m pleased that we got onboard.
    But what do you think?

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