Rudy Giuliani now plugging unproven stem cells for COVID19: is Trump next?

Things are getting worse with the COVID19 pandemic and in parallel there is increasing hype including from clinics that somehow stem cells or similar products could help with the latest (and most worrisome) development being a bombshell tweet from Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. The former mayor of New York and Trump frontman just tweeted this morning about stem cells combating the novel coronavirus (HT to @Bryson_M).

I just posted yesterday about how stem cell clinics and regenerative clinic suppliers are hyping stem cells and other stuff like exosomes for COVID19. In fact, it seems one potential COVID19 patient already got a non-FDA-approved exosome injection.

Update: Rudy Giuliani interviewed Robert Hariri of Celularity. You can see the video above. 

There’s a pretty good chance in the next couple days that Trump will mention stem cells for COVID19 during one of the coronavirus briefings or in a Tweet or will retweet the Rudy Giuliani tweet. Then all stem cell clinic hell could break loose and a lot of people may get hurt.

The only thing perhaps making Trump climbing on board less likely is that the GOP tends to negatively associate “stem cells” with embryonic stem cells and fetal tissue research. You can get a sense of that slant from the responses to Giuliani’s tweet already.

8 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani now plugging unproven stem cells for COVID19: is Trump next?”

  1. ..Chloroquine represents a potential broad-spectrum example of inhibiting viral cell entry, while remdesivir, an investigational drug that was originally developed for Ebola virus disease, represents an example of a broad-spectrum RNA polymerase inhibitor. Actemra is a checkpoint suppression of IL-6R with direct affect on innate cellular resonse NK …..Actemra is pro response unleaching the power of the immune system. The other two old stategy of drug suupression …..Why is this important concepts ? Cells and mother nature work better than single drug intervention.

    My qestion is Mesoblast , Cynata, Roosterbio, pushing Mesenchymal stem cells are they wrong? ……My point to you is the need for right stem pathways that align with the immune system responses like activated CD4/ CTLA-4 reboot , rescue and recovery……

  2. This study shows promise. More research is needed and will happen maybe much faster now. With this crisis in place – I think this report shows very interesting results and an opportunity to relieve a great deal of pain and suffering.

  3. Have seen improvement in human and equine when using IV of amnion and nebulizer. Any information on your end on this procedure. Wish there was a way to get quantifiable results for viral load reduction.

  4. I fear that the charlatans that sell bogus stem cell treatments will become an epidemic themselves…with so many people out of work, they’ll be coming for people’s unemployment checks- they have no shame.

  5. @PAUL I have no idea what Rudy is pushing but MultiStem from Athersys could be in clinics VERY SOON to treat COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome. Encouraging PHASE II data, great safety profile, FDA fast track and RMAT designations. This is the path that could make a huge difference very soon in a Phase III trial on COVID-19 ADRS funded by BARDA. BARDA contacted Athersys in January and all have been working diligently. Focus should be HERE not on Rudy!!!

  6. How about we leave medicine and treatments in the hands of medical professionals. You wouldn’t trust a politician to do brain surgery on you, so why trust them with something equally complex?

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