Weekly reads: NIH genome editing, gut stem cells & diet, more

The first of the month often brings loads of new papers as new issues of journals come out so we have a wave of new stem cell papers.

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NIH gene-editing efforts

Stem cells in the gut and diet

chovanec nat comm 2021 stem cell chromatin
Chovanec, et al. Nat Comm 2021 Fig. 1d “d The network graph (left) shows the combined promoter interactomes for naive and primed PSCs, visualised using Canvas. Each sub-network is assigned a different colour. Following the arrow, the next part of the figure shows a single, isolated sub-network (the largest sub-network in the dataset). The boxed region is expanded in the next area of the figure to show the distinct, sub-network communities that have high internal interactivity. The same communities and structure are shown in the next part of the figure, where the nodes are coloured according to their predominant chromatin state (green, active; orange, bivalent; red, polycomb-only; purple, heterochromatin; grey, background). A small part of the community is magnified in the final area of the figure to show all of the interacting regions for one promoter.”

More stem cell papers

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