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I’ve been busy recently focusing more on grant and paper writing than reading papers on stem cells, but my piece on trying to de-extinct mammoths via cloning-like methods drew strong opinions on both sides.

Recent news and resources on stem cells

We’re still awaiting a verdict in the big California federal court case where the FDA is seeking a permanent injunction against the stem cell clinic chain Cell Surgical Network, et al. What will judge Bernal decide?

Don’t forget to check out The Niche Stem Cell YouTube Channel, where I have a variety of new videos on stem cells and other related topics. A recent one on head transplants is fun.

I also recommend checking out a cool FDA page where they list recent untitled letters. The number of FDA letters to stem cell clinics listed here is just a drop in the bucket compared to the apparently ~500 they’ve sent out recently but it’s still striking how many are on here. It does make me wonder how the FDA decides which of these letters to make public?

What science have you been reading recently? Here are some recommended papers with some emphasis on cancer mechanisms.

legos for stem cells Fig 1b
Legos for manipulating cultures of stem cells. Screenshot of part of Fig 1b, Mäntylä & Ihalainen, Sci Reports, 2021.

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