Weekly stem cell reads: space, plagiarism, HIV, diabetes, more

I took a cross-country road trip earlier this month that was pretty amazing and barely thought about stem cell research for the first time in years.

We did run across one stem cell clinic in Florida by accident.

I’ll write about that trip soon, but first we have our weekly reads including some very cool new stem cell papers.

Chandrakanthan NCB Fig1, stem cell emergence
Emergence of hematopoietic stem cells. Chandrakanthan NCB Fig1. “Confocal image of an E11.5 Nestin-GFP+ dorsal aorta stained for PDGFRA. Nestin-GFP and Nestin-GFP+PDGFRA+ cells are indicated with yellow and white arrows, respectively.” and “Confocal microscopy image of an E11.5 Nestin-GFP+ dorsal aorta showing that a subset of PDGFRB+ cells co-express Nestin-GFP (n = 3). PDGFRB+Nestin-GFP+cells are stained in yellow; PDGFRB+Nestin-GFP cells are stained in red.”

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