January 28, 2021

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I recently did a poll on stem cell homing. As you can see from the poll results above, most respondents believe that stem cells can home depending on circumstances. Almost 2/3 of respondents believe that stem cells sometimes or always home in to areas of disease. However, most respondents did not believe in this being a universal property. Why would stem cells home to diseases? It seems that injured tissues release cytokines that attract certain cells including immune cells. Maybe stem cells too? It’s …Read More

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I was going to have a quick lunch of a delicious bowl of soup today and after a couple bites, I noticed a thick, dark curly hair in my soup. Crap! After my head shaving (see pic at that link) for the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser 2 months or so ago, which I did along with my student Ben, I have very short hair (~1cm) and it is sort of reddish-light brown…. so this wasn’t my hair. What to do? Could a single human hair have …Read More