November 24, 2020

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L’Oreal/Lancome has been in the business of making money off of stem cells for quite some time now via so-called stem cell facial creams that are expensive and based on dubious claims, and now they are in the stem cells for baldness biz too. Note I have a helpful 2nd post on how stem cells could really actually work to treatment baldness here. Check it out. Update: here’s a newer post from 2019 on stem cells for baldness. The FDA slammed the business just …Read More

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Hi everyone, St. Baldrick’s is the top children’s cancer foundation and does amazing work for kids with cancer and their families. Their top fundraising event is a head-shaving program where people make pledges in support of a “shavee” who gets their head shaved in solidarity with kids with cancer who often lose their hair due to treatment. I’ve formed a St. Baldrick’s UC Davis School of Medicine fundraising team and I’m also a shavee myself this year. I did it last year too and was …Read More

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  It seems like a lot of my blogs have the word “baldness” in them, huh? The latest post today is on the apparent inverse correlation between baldness and pediatric cancer, not using stem cells to try to treat baldness. You might be scratching your head (bald or not) at this point. The connection is explained by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation (St. B). Every year St. B raises money for kids with cancer and a core fundraising event is shaving heads. So-called “Shavees” get pledges …Read More

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A month ago I did a very widely read piece on cosmetic applications of stem cell technologies in the U.S. called “from boobs to baldness”. Many cosmetics websites asked for permission to run the piece and it was re-run in a number of languages around the world as well. It is clear there is big interest in stem cell cosmetics. There is big money to made. I would venture to say it is in the billions with a “b”. In just a month even …Read More