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This Week in Stem Cells With Dr K., Episode 3

Our focus in this podcast is more on hard core stem cell and regenerative medicine science, and includes my choice for the paper of the week. –human neural stem cells aid recovery from brain irradiation of the kind used to treat brain cancer –paper of the week: transdifferentiation of fibroblasts to make functional neurons using …

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Podcast for Week of July 5 Topics –Stem Cell Tourism in the U.S. –CIRM –Article in the Hill by stem cell opponent –Stem cell hype on aging   Podcast for Week of July 11 Topics: –two papers on stem cell-based tissue engineering and one on stem cell treatments for heart disease, –the Republican candidates for …

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Stem Cells and Cars

It happens several times a month these days. Some new, interesting paper comes out on IPS cells or on transdifferentiation. Immediately, opponents of ES cell research criminally twist the findings in the new paper and produce ‘news’ headlines that pop up high on Google to the effect that ES cells are now ‘obsolete’. IPS cells …

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