January 22, 2021

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STAP 3.0: Patent, New Paper Problems, & Poll Plummet

People have been taking a long look over the last 24 hours or so at the STAP stem cell patent application filed by Charles Vacanti, his brother, Obokata, and others. Any reactions? I don’t know much about patents so I’d be curious of your impressions.

STAP patent
STAP patent

New STAP paper troubles? I’m hearing through the stem grapevine (take it with a grain of salt?) that Nature‘s investigation into allegations of problems with the STAP Nature papers go beyond the placenta and DNA gel lane image issues already raised on PubPeer (here and here) and elsewhere.

What might be the other shoe(s) to drop if any?

To my knowledge, the data sets from the papers still have not been put into a open database. What’s the backstory there?

Poll plummets. My running tracking poll on people’s confidence overall in STAP stem cells has taken an abrupt turn for the first time. Respondents have turned sharply negative on STAP in this poll. The third week of polling is still ongoing at that link if you haven’t voted yet and we have 550 votes so far. It’s not a scientific poll and a couple curmudgeons have complained about that by way of disclosure, but the stem cell community seems to find it generally of interest and we are getting hundreds of respondents per poll from all around the world.

Consider this an open thread to discuss STAP stem cells in the comments.

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