January 18, 2021

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Does Europe Know Something About STAP Cells That We Don’t? Latest Poll Results

For more than 3 months I’ve been doing a tracking poll on the sentiments of the readers of this blog about STAP stem cells. The question is “Do you believe in STAP Stem Cells?”

STAP poll 9

The result are summarized in the graph above.

The latest poll results from period #9 are somewhat of a surprise.

The overall trend for Poll #9 on STAP stem cells would seem to indicate a significant shift toward a more positive view, at least for the category “Close Yes”, meaning close to convinced that the cells are real.

This seems odd given no apparent change in the STAP cell news stream to account for this. If you break down the respondents for Poll #9 by country, we see that Japan (9J) remains extremely skeptical and the US respondents are also not particularly inclined to be believers in STAP at this point.

However, oddly, 3 European countries account for almost all the “Close Yes” votes overall: Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Do folks there know something about STAP that we do not?

Or are some people from those countries just playing around with the poll via their collective votes?

If people in those countries were really shifting so strongly toward believing in STAP in poll period #9 then why so few votes for “100% Yes” by them?

The stats for this poll–we had 1030 respondents. Each IP address is only allowed one vote per week. Keep in mind this poll is not intended to be scientific.

I’ll start Poll #10 soon and we can see how that one goes…another question is whether there is any point in continuing to poll about STAP cells anymore.

What do you guys think of all of this?

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